Fully integrated Software System assisting procedure designer in creating flight procedures compatible with international safety requirements, by monitoring designer's actions, generating optimal recommendations and supplying documented reports.
PANS-OPS Master capable of proposing non-obvious optimal solutions to procedure designer even on the worst aeronautical conditions and preventing from going beyond the best innovative criteria in air navigation.
Automated Software System for flight procedure design with unique analytical decision-making ability and computer intelligence.
System for procedure designers at any proficiency level: Because of its clear-cut, user-friendly interface and an inbuilt analytical capability, PANDA can serve as a teaching tool for beginners up to the high-competence level.

Quality Assurance
PANDA comprises following operational mechanisms for safety assurance and quality control:
– Ensuring the integrity of source aeronautical data used in procedure design.
– Generating non-contradictory solutions and recommendations to assist the designer in making reasonable decisions at each design phase.
– Full automation of geometric construction of nominal trajectories and protection areas without any manual interference.
– Control the accuracy of the results drawn by the system.
– Storing procedure forming parameters, appropriate PANSOPS criteria and acquired results .
– Automatic generation of reports and supporting documentations of entire design process.

Time Saving
The system ensures time saving at each design phase by means of:
– Finding optimal solutions.
– Simultaneous analysis of contiguous flight segment parameters.
– Representing georeferenced procedure trajectories and providing user with all necessary construction parameters for further control.
Enormous time saving is achieved using PANDA that allows a designer to be more creative and productive by automating all routine part of designer's work, thus leaving a plenty of time to revise exiting procedures and provide comprehensive solutions.

The System never allows the user to infringe the PANS-OPS requirements in relation to:
– Obstacle clearance for all procedure segments
– Minimum allowed segment distance between consecutive waypoints
– Procedure speed limitations depending on Aircraft category and flight phases
– Maximum turn angle limitations in appropriate flight phases
– Maximum bank angle limitations.

In addition, the System:
– Monitors the user's work in order to detect conflicts and safety breaches.
– Issues warnings and alerts to the user in order to minimize the impact of human error on the final result.
– Navigates the user through a consistent procedure design in order to allow him to produce optimal integral flight procedures.

Return On Investment
All mentioned above advantages of PANDA Software contribute to Return On Investment that enhances the efficiency of the investments on our new generation aeronautical application by enabling ANS Providers to design absolutely safe, flyable, and cost saving procedures in a very short period of time.