Being a logical series of PANDA Software, Aeronautical Charting System ACCENT is intended for production of terminal, enroute and aerodrome charts in compliance with ICAO Annex 4 requirements and Aeronautical Chart Manual, Doc 8697.
The System can operate either independently or in integration with procedure design system using the same qualitative data from single information source such as EAD.
Data model of Aeronautical Charting System is fully compatible with AICM/AIXM model that ensures data exchange with all third Systems supporting AIXM data format.
The System provides user useful tools for chart production in compliance with ICAO requirements.
The System also possesses extensible and adjustable symbol library for imaging chart elements.
Aeronautical Charting System automatically:
– Calculates, constructs and represents nominal trajectories of terminal procedures coded in ARINC424 Path & Terminator concept.
– Calculates and codes en-route route segment parameters in accordance with AIXM model
– Represents appropriate aeronautical data depending on the type of aerodrome chart
– Represents various types of airspace structures in accordance with ICAO Annex 4 requirements
– Ensures the storage of produced charts in various formats
In addition to its powerful automated chart production tools the System is equipped with useful instruments for manual editing of not to scale graphic and textual elements.