OMEGA is an automated software system for aerodrome obstacle control and management in accordance with ICAO Annex 14 requirements. The automated OMEGA system enables a user to maintain airspace around aerodromes free from dangerous obstacles and exposes all object penetrations of the designated obstacle limitation surfaces.
Depending on runway classification, the system designs and assesses the obstacle limitation surfaces around aerodromes in accordance with Annex 14 "Aerodromes" to the Convention on International Civil Aviation and ICAO Doc. 9137-AN/898 "Airport Services Manual", Part 6, "Control of Obstacles".
OMEGA system ensures perfect traceability of produced results and reports and aids in introduction of quality assurance in air navigation, as well as improves aerodrome efficiency in full conformity with ICAO standards and recommended practice. 

OMEGA System is intended for:
– Aerodrome design and prospective development planning.
– Preparation of properly supported aerodrome certification documentation.
– Getting CAA approval for construction of potentially dangerous structures.
– Obstacle identification and assessment after geodetic survey of all aerodromes regardless of their status.
– Implementation of quality control / assurance system to obstacle control.

The System operates in compliance with following ICAO documents: 
– Annex 14 "Aerodromes"
– Airport Services Manual, ICAO Doc. 9137-AN/898, Part 6, "Control of Obstacles"
– WGS-84 Manual, ICAO Doc. 9674
– Annex 4 "Aeronautical Charts"