The Automated System for Airspace design - DELTA is developed for assisting the airspace designers and planners in accomplishment of several tasks, such as:
– Displaying aeronautical situation.
– Air traffic Strategic and tactical planning.
– Issuing regulations during establishment of fixed and temporary restrictions to the airspace.
– Preparation of graphic documentation related to the changes in the airspace structure.

DELTA System is capable to:
– Develop and visualize elementary and composite airspace structures.
– Overlap nominal trajectories and protection areas of flight procedures with airspace structures.
– Construct protection areas for en-route, terminal and holding procedures and buffer zones for airspace structures in order to determine required airspace volume and aircraft separation planning.
– Perform navigational calculations and geometric constructions for airspace reconstruction and optimization purposes.
– The airspace design environment is fully interoperable with flight procedure design and uses the same data including aeronautical, terrain and topographic data.
– The Airspace Design System is compatible with Procedure design System and operates in the common three-dimensional GIS environment.

The System operates in compliance with following ICAO documents:
– Air Traffic Services Planning Manual, ICAO Doc. 9426-AN/924
– PANS-ATM- Air Traffic Management, ICAO Doc. 4444
– Annex11, "Air Traffic Services"